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Success, Safety and Security for all Children by Sharing Good Practice with Parents and Professionals

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The Executive



Our core business for all staff working with CPS is to make a measureable difference to the lives of the students and young people who make up our client base.


We are committed to ensuring that all organisations we work with receive the highest possible level of service supported by Head Teachers, Principals, CEOs and Heads of Service.    


We build sustainable relationships with groups of young people, parents and staff to develop continuity, positive relationships and the best chance of success. Quality of care and provision along with the success, safety and security of each child are of paramount importance to us and drive the organisation as a whole.

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We are primarily an interventionist organisation that provides hands-on solutions to difficult and complex situations through the full medium of psychological approaches.


Though we initially use a consultative approach in all work the majority of our time is spent devising, implementing and overseeing practical strategies to improve the learning and behavioural potential of all students and young people.