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Success, Safety and Security for all Children by Sharing Good Practice with Parents and Professionals

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2012 - A busy year ahead with an increase in work with children in care - providing an assessment and therapeutic service to companies across the country.


2012 - Further developments on the Nurture Group front with an increase in the Pathways Groups in Solihull, West Midlands


JUNE - Towards a Better Future Conference. See Wordswell and Special Needs Jungle links on Network page.


Autumn Term - Maggi Gardiner joins Choices. Experienced provider of ASD services to schools and care homes she brings further expertise to the core business of the company.


OCTOBER - Nurture Group students reach 100. Research shows they improve more than 2 levels above SEN students not in Nurture Group settings.


Charlie Mead was delighted to be asked again this year to be a key note speaker at the SEN Conference for parents of children with special educational needs and the professionals who support them.


For a video introduction to this years keynote speakers, please click the link below.

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