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Success, Safety and Security for all Children by Sharing Good Practice with Parents and Professionals

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Specialist psychologists are available to work in the areas of ASD, ADHD, Sensory Impairment, Learning Difficulties and SEBD provision with particular emphasis on looked after children with Special Educational Needs. Through CPS a range of Counselling services are available specialising in Bereavement, Loss, Trauma and PTSD.


CPS have worked with individual children who have had a range of issues beyond their prevailing condition. Loss of a parent, sexual abuse, low self-esteem, eating difficulties and anger management have all been issues addressed in the past. Typically the problem will be identified by parents or staff who seek some form of intervention to help the young person.

All work with the young person is in partnership with staff who can put appropriate strategies in place, agreed between CPS, student, parent and staff, on a daily basis or as appropriate.


As  experienced Loss and Trauma counsellors with extensive experience in working with students whose parents die or separate it has also been possible to train parents and staff on how best to approach students with issues of loss and work with them effectively.


Disseminating information to as many staff as appropriate is an important part of the services provided by CPS so that students can be supported as fully as possible


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